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Acne facial treatment

Suffering from blemish-prone skin? Our acne facial treatment can help you take control of your skin.
No one wants to deal with acne. Our treatment focus on reducing acne by targeting the sebum production by removing impurities in the skin. Our deep cleansing facial uses facial steam to encourage skin detoxification followed by a glycolic deep cleanse, and then extractions of comedones or whiteheads where necessary. The treatment adds the efficacy of salicylic acid which in turn can decrease sebum production and improvement of the skin can be seen after the first session.

It’s no secret that over-the-counter products and even prescription medications don’t work for everyone in the same way, and can sometimes also cause more damage to the skin, rather than treating the acne. When even the best skincare products fail to show results, our acne facial peel treatment provides a safe solution. 

Duration: 30 minutes.

Recommendations: A course of 6 sessions treatments is advised. One session weekly combined with an acne skincare range for skin maintenance.

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