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Do you go to great lengths to get skin treatments before big events or holidays? At Clear Light Clinic, we believe that skin that looks and feels healthy and beautiful shouldn't just be a luxury or a privilege, reserved for special occasions. We believe that you deserve to feel gorgeous all the time.

Offering you a huge range of skin treatments, we are able to bring out the look that you want.


From general treatments to maintain beautiful skin to specific work carried out by specialist beauticians for the treatment of skin conditions, we strive to allow you to reach perfection.

Are you after a general treatment that covers everything? Do you have a specific query or something you'd like to address?


Whatever you need we're able to advise. Our beauticians are always willing to get to know you and understand your needs.





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Looking for beautiful skin?

Find out what we offer you

Get the you that you want

Beautiful skin that radiates good health is desired by almost everyone; no matter what your age, skin tone, or skin type. For many people, flaunting a radiant face that makes heads turn may seem like a far-fetched dream to achieve, but it is essential to understand that if you entrust yourself in the hands of an expert, nothing is impossible!

Here, at Clear Light Clinic, we understand how important your skin is to you. Finding a personalised skin care solution and treatment that will help you transform yourself is crucial; and this is exactly what we specialise in!

We take pride in offering our clients only the best clinical treatments, and deliver expert care in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment. Our procedures and its outcomes are constantly measured to enhance client experience, ensuring a patient’s priority, dignity and confidentiality is also our  priority.

Different people come in with varied needs. However, a common hope among all of them is to enhance their appearance, and subsequently to improve their self-confidence.